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  • What is the average life expectancy on equipment?

    Most systems vary between 10 to 20 years. As the equipment ages, its efficiency can decrease dramatically, so you can either keep repairing it or replace it with a newer system that might have more energy-efficient equipment.

  • Will a bigger sized system perform better?

    No, though you may have the “bigger the better” mentality, having an air conditioner that is actually too big for your property is not beneficial. It will, indeed, heat up your home faster, however, it will use more energy and not remove humidity adequately.

  • How do I know what type of air conditioner I need for my home?

    If you are unsure of what type or brand of air conditioner (or heater) you need for your Los Angeles area home, then the experts at Nice and Cool, Inc. can help. We can offer our extensive knowledge about what will work best with your particular structure when we come out for our free estimate. At this time we can go over all the details, and answer any questions you may have about our highly-efficient systems and products.

  • What does a heating & cooling load calculation determine?

    Load calculation will determine the proper tonnage you will need to deliver comfort to your home, including even temperatures throughout the home, which result in a comfortable atmosphere. Load calculations take into consideration ceiling heights, window sizes and styles (single/double pain), window locations (east, west), door styles, insulation in the home, flooring and more. This allows for the correct sizing of your system to meet the needs of the home. Before this system was developed, calculations were determined on square footage, leaving consumers with energy wasting, and uncomfortable temperature swings in the home due to the installation of inadequately sized ...

  • Why is it necessary to perform Cooling & Heating Load Calculations in my home?

    Nice and Cool, Inc. performs load calculations on every home. In order to correctly and properly size and design a system that will best fit your home, a load calculation must be performed. This will deliver total comfort to the home owner. Every home is different; therefore it is required to do the load calculation to ensure the absolute best results.

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