Heating & Cooling Repair

Turn to the experts at Nice & Cool for speedy heating and cooling repairs at a price that won’t break the bank! Nice & Cool is the leading heating and A/C repair company in Los Angeles. Our strong work ethic, honesty and client referrals back our great work. We specialize in the service, repair and maintenance of any heating and cooling system.

Professional Heating Repair Services in Los Angeles

Nice & Cool’s heating repair experience ranges from furnaces and thermostats to water heaters and boilers, baseboard and radiant heating. We also have experience with electronic air cleaners and humidifiers. Our technicians have experience with all makes and models. Our heating system experts in Los Angeles can quickly come to you to help you diagnose the problem.

Quality A/C Repair Services in Los Angeles

Our skill set, quality and honesty at Nice & Cool is unmatched. We will go over any issues you may have, allowing us to correctly identify the problem and get a resolution started as quickly as possible. If you are experiencing any of the warning signs below, it is time to get a professional A/C repair specialist to take a look!

Malfunctioning A/C Warning Signs:

»Your air conditioning isn’t turning on. Either your thermostat isn’t working correctly, or your power isn’t reaching the A/C unit.
»The airflow seems to be stagnant or you just don’t feel as comfortable as you have in the past. This can be a sign of airflow issues.
»Your bills have skyrocketed. This can be a sign of inefficient operation.
»You’re A/C is making weird noises. If you hear rattling or buzzing, it could be a broken motor or fan blade.
»The A/C is shutting off early or late, before the desired temperate is reached. This might mean there is an underlying problem with your thermostat.
»There is water next to my furnace. A blocked or disconnected tube can cause water to leak out.
»The air doesn’t feel cold. This is a sign that refrigerant lines aren’t insulated.
»The A/C just won’t turn on. This can mean your compressor has failed.
Call the experts at Nice & Cool today if you need help troubleshooting your heating or A/C system in Los Angeles!



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