Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement

Nice and Cool Inc. wants to be your first choice when you need air conditioning installation and replacement in the Los Angeles. A new air conditioner is one of most important decisions you’ll make for your home or business and with Nice and Cool Inc.’s air conditioning contractors doing the job, you can’t go wrong. Nice and Cool Inc. is proud to have earned the respect of many residential and commercial Los Angeles air conditioning customers who have turned to us over the years. And we look forward to serving you when you need air conditioning service.


When is it time to replace my air conditioner?

»If your current unit is 10 years or older (units more than 15 years old will not meet today’s energy-efficient standards).
»If your air conditioner appears to be in poor condition and not running properly.
»If your air conditioner appears to be running inefficiently and is costing you more than necessary to run it.
»If your air conditioner is costing you a lot of money to maintain and repair.
»If your air conditioner is no longer keeping your home as comfortable as it once did.
»If you want to increase energy savings and upgrade to a new, efficient air conditioner.
» If you are environment-friendly, and global warming, the whole on the ozone and green environment are parts of your concerns and you have a system using Freon, the unit should be replaced to Green, High-efficiency system.

Research shows that an air conditioning unit installed by a professional HVAC technician will run as much as 20% more efficiently. All of Nice and Cool Inc.’s professional technicians have been trained in the latest technology and have years of experience in air conditioning installation and replacement. A set of rigorous procedures are followed for each unit installed by Nice and Cool Inc. so that your new air conditioner runs right the first time it’s turned on.

If it’s time to install an air conditioner in your new home, or you need a replacement, call the AC experts at Nice and Cool Inc. today at 1-855-642-3626 for a free air conditioning quote.


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